Farm Fresh Collection

The inspiration for this collection comes from fond childhood memories on my grandparent’s farm.  I vividly remember the jars of canned goods lined up on the shelves in the cellar.  The beauty of my grandmother’s summer garden was captured in the colorful display of produce in the jars.  I knew we would enjoy the goodness of the garden bounty all throughout the winter.

My grandparents carved out a meager existence for their families by being caregivers of the land.  I watched them work hard to feed their families with the knowledge of it never being a burden, rather a labor of love.  I thought of myself as, the fortunate one, as I got to spend many years with my grandparents.  I was 44 when we my last living grandmother passed away.

It is with great adoration that I present the first collection of Agnes and Irene.  I hope that you enjoy the fragrances as much as I have enjoyed creating our “Farm Fresh Collection.”